Landscapers for 576-unit HOA near Summerlin, Las Vegas?

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My HOA is looking for a good landscaping company. We have 576 units, and we're near the Summerlin area in Las Vegas.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


Wow! Thats a large amount of units!

Originally posted by @Antoine Martel :

Wow! Thats a large amount of units!

Yep. That's why I made sure to mention it. :)

Come to think of it, though, I could see that having so many units might really limit our options regarding landscapers, and possibly other contractors as well. I haven't talked it over with legal counsel or the other board members, but I suppose it's possible to split the contract across multiple landscaping companies. I know nothing about landscaping or its logistics -- is this something that's done/recommended? I mean, there must be other large properties out there -- how do they do it?

Ideas, anyone?

Forum rules are preventing me from posting contact info for a vendor.  Send me a private message, and I'll get you the info.

write out your scope of work , have the contractors submit a list of equipment . Find a local supply house like site one landscapes , then ask them for some companies that they feel are big enough to bid 

I am sure there are plenty of commercial landscape companies that can bid that.. well I bet at least half a dozen in a 2 million metro like Vegas.. think of the companies that handle the casino's and or simply drive by some of the bigger apartment complex's and make note of the names on the trucks of those doing the landscaping.

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