Need Recommendations for Contractors in Vegas

9 Replies | Las Vegas, Nevada

Having recently transitioned to Las Vegas, I am in need of sourcing reliable and quality contractors for my real estate investments - both for flips and holds. I would be eternally grateful for any recommendations from the BP community in the Las Vegas area for such contractors.

I'm looking for all trades and GC's although we will normally GC our own projects. Thanks in advance, for your recommendations!

Hi Marty,

I have had good experiences using Nova Interiors for bath remodels, tile, flooring...  I would recommend CertaPro for painting interior and exterior.  If you need any electrical work done Eco Electric is the best.  Hope that helps.  

Hi Marty, 

We haven’t needed much for tradesmen for our spot, lucky so far.  Pueblo Electrical Services just did a small job for us last month though. Quick service and stuck to the quote. Worked well for us. Good luck! 

I've had great work done by Sunflower Construction with paint & drywall work. Very professional, thorough & fair prices. Also had J Picini flooring re-floor 2,400 sq ft of an SFR. Great prices & they moved so fast I couldn't keep up with them! Work was top-notch. Ask for Danny Pino there & tell him Christmas sent you.