Las Vegas tops Seattle as new #1 Top city appreciation

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@Alexander Felice

Don't move out of Las Vegas. The city just took the number #1 position from Seattle. Are you selling LV and taking profits to Florida?



Nothing is concrete yet, though home prices alone wouldn't be enough to get me to stay.  A few years of higher than average appreciation is small potatoes in the grand scheme you know?

I love how excited you get about these figures though!

I get excited by the figures too, since all of my US investments are in Vegas. I'm currently stuck analyzing whether to build up more cash for reserves and a possible dip, buying more in Vegas, or diversifying out of Vegas.

I am not a big fan of betting on appreciation.  My main indicator is on actual cash being generated from property investment.  The local Vegas economy being cash vs capital driven. So far, based on my being on the ground here, I see that as the case.  The rent growth and rental occupancy have been positive.  I am saving cash, limiting debt, but If I see a great deal Ill go for it.