I'm looking for a carpet guy in Las Vegas?

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@Kurt Brauner:   Forget ProSource!  I had one of their "recommended" guys do some tile for me.. BIG MISTAKE!

Grout lines were all uneven, corners didn't match up. Looking from one end to the other made you sea sick as it was NOT straight.  Rows of tile went farther and farther to the left as you looked from one end to the other. You felt as though you were leaning to the left.

I have to say.. ProSource did the right thing and provided me with all new tile to replace all the tile that had to be ripped out and done over. But, what a headache and huge mess to rip out the tile that had already been put down.

I use a guy by the name of Humberto for rental properties (tile).. and Prestige Tile Works for my own home. 
Prestige is expensive.. but they do EXCELLENT work!

I think Humberto has a brother who does carpet.

I am not sure if I can list their contact information in here.. ??

Click on my name.. and call me :-)

I use Immaculate Carpet Cleaning.  They do many apartment communities, single family detached, and work with property managers.  I have worked with them for several years.  Good pricing.