ADU in Las Vegas/Henderson Area

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I am investing in the Las Vegas and Henderson area of Nevada. Some of the older but still safe areas have older homes with HUGE lots. I have been trying to do more research on ADUs. It's become a solid strategy in CA where I'm from for adding additional rental units onto a SFR parcel. Has anyone had success doing this or understand what some of the zoning laws allow? I read the Clark County zoning guide and from what I can gather, anything zoned RS-1, 2, 4 or 6 can have an ADU but they have to follow the same setback requirements and can't exceed 25% of the main dwelling. Does anyone have any other info they can share?

I'm from San Jose but have been living in Las Vegas since 2006. It's rare to see what you are describing. I have seen big ranch homes with like an acre plus bought and converted to a small tack of home for example. Bigger development type of stuff. Just my observation as a resident here. good luck!