Looking for SFH in Henderson NV for investment

2 Replies | Henderson, Nevada

Hi All,

I am Swapnil, living in Bay Area. I am new to real estate investment. Got introduced to Henderson by one of my friend who invested in a rental there. 

I am looking for a SFH in a range of 350-550k in a good school district. Can fellow investors or agents can help/guide me on whats the best source of finding the right property for investment?

(I am already working with a property manager who is doubling as buyer agent too)

I recommend you use someone other than the property manager to find investments. If you use the property manager, they'll focus on a property that is easy for them to manage for them, not what's best for you. If you use just a buyer's agent, they will try to convince you to buy something that brings them a good commission and they could care less if it rents well or brings you a good return. 

Find a good buyer's agent that understands the market from a buyer perspective. Find a property manager that understands it from a rental perspective. Use them to cross-check each other and verify you are making a good investment.