New to real estate and the Reno/Fernley NV area

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Hello everyone. I am a new to real estate and am looking forward to learning more about something new. I am currently living in Japan and moving back to the states (the Reno/Fernley NV area) in the summer time. I do not know much about real estate investing/the market in the area other than what I have learned through the Bigger Pockets podcasts and online searching. I am looking for a house to live in myself and sell for a profit/rent after 3/4 years (get my feet wet, learn and then apply those lessons to future investments). I am looking for contacts, referrals, suggestions and any help that anyone is willing to send my way (I dont think I am breaking the rules on day 1)! I have bought, and am reading, Finding and Funding Great Deals and Long Distance Real Estate Investing. Thank you all in advance. I look farward to being a part of the commnity and getting started!


Hello @Matthew H Bullard . I am currently in Fallon, NV. and I am planning on starting my investment portfolio in the near future. I have started to network and build up a few contacts here. If you want to chat some time hit me up. I'd love to talk goals and investing plans.


I am also in Fallon. I have reason to believe the market here is good and getting better. I bought a 3bd 1 bth for 80k in November 2015. I did about 4k in improvements, and just sold it for 140k. I have now moved on to a larger 3bd, 1 and a half bth and plan to do the same. I have chosen the 2 year live and flip in order to avoid the capitol gains tax. would love to speak with other investors in the area, and/or maybe even help to start a Fallon investment club!!

Hi Matthew - Welcome to BP!  I'm not a moderator but it looks like your using BP for exactly what it's designed for, meeting people and learning!

Keep listening to the podcasts, I prefer the older ones myself.  

I try to stay on top of local economic news and trends, do you have a specific quesion?

It's smart to start where your comfortable.  One positive to what you describe is your initial loan can be very favorable, requiring very little money down for your first purchase, if you live in it.  Most (not all) investment financing requires 25-30% down or equity.  

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