need a recommendation for a contractor in New Jersey

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Im wish i could say i want but right now i need a decent contractor i had a potential deal under contract but my "partner" /contractor pulled out last minute. Anybody can recommend a contractor i would really appreciated .

RMB construction 

Rudolph Blair

Pennsauken, NJ 08109

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I had a great experience with Marius from Envy Renovations in Northern NJ. Very fair pricing and does a great job. Good luck locking up the deal!

I was gonna recommend Jude and Eve as well

I can recommend Greg Frederique. He is in NJ. 

Tomas Montalvo of Action Maintenance Contractor. He is licensed in NY/NJ. 

I'll recommend my brother Usman Sharif. Licensed and insured and has been investing for almost 18 years. does his own projects plus works on others. He can really advise you on fixing up a house according to Fix and Flip standards. I'll pm you his #.

Hi All,

Investor and Contractor here. I am in the process of flipping my very first property in Princeton, NJ. I am also a full time contractor working with my customer base in NYC and investors in NYC. If anyone is searching for a contractor, please dont hesitate to contact me. 

Thank You,


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