Water Heater Preventive Maintenance

4 Replies | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hello Albuquerque Rental Property Owners,

I'm looking for a little guidance on how you typically handle preventive maintenance on your water heaters? I've heard varying recommendations in terms of how often you should get them flushed to prevent hard water buildup. We all know our water is pretty hard in NM. I just had a new 40 gallon electric heater installed, and the technician is recommending getting a flushing service once every 3 months.

Would it be worth considering a water softener for a SFH rental property? What do those typically go for these days, including installation?


I'm not in NM but if the choice is between sending a service tech out every 3 months or buying a piece of equipment to fix the problem I'd go with the water softener, unless the rents don't justify the expense.

Flush is a 5 minute job. Kill the inlet, drain a gallon or two, open the inlet/ fill, drain a gallon or two. Done.

Pay attention to your anode if your water is that hard, it’s a $15 part that can make a big difference too. If your water ever gets stinky for no reason, likely replace your anode.

Most people ever flush their water heater. I don’t have hard facts about it, but I’d imagine flushing every year adds what, maybe a year or two to the life of the tank? And that’s assuming something else doesn’t go wrong with it first.

Personally, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it - and plan on replacing in 10-15 years.