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I'm wanting to form a real estate LLC and looking for both a CPA and law firm that have experience with real estate investors in the Charlotte, NC area. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Jason Young

Eric Little LB&J CPA

Harry Marsh Law

Eric Little 
That's the CPA that many use.

Most investors use me or Dale Fussell for closings

I have used Harry’s firm (Harry Marsh Law) for a double assignment closing last year and the process was very smooth and all electronic. Recommended!

I also use Northpointe Law Group(Kayce Staehle) for closings and they have very competitive fees and a great team of paralegals. Smooth closings, recordings and payoffs need an equal contribution from paralegals from the firm.

My CPA is Richard Wood and he does a good job. LB&J is very reputed as well among local investors.

Everyone, thank you all for the recommendations.  Seems like there is a fair amount of consensus here!  Will be reaching out in the near future to each firm.  Thanks again!

Another great real estate CPA that a lot of investors use is Ki Shin, he will be speaking at the Metrolina REIA next Thurday evening , Feb 8th , 7:00 pm on the recent tax changes. Meeting is at Crown Plaza hotel off I 77

Updated 12 months ago

Correction. Feb 15th NOT the 8th

@Don Harris - I actually heard Ki speak in Greenville about the new tax bill and its impact on real estate investors. He’s a wealth of information. Thank you for the reminder! Will be reaching out to him as well.

A lot of people will recommend Harry Marsh!

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