Local Foreclosure Subscription Srvc for Wake,Johnston counties?

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Greetings NC Investors. What's your local foreclosure subscription service for the Research Triangle area (wake county), Johnston county areas? I know the nationwide subscription services are usually crap. Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by @Virs Esar:

For sheriff foreclosures, try epreforeclosure dot com.

I don't think @Dan Gabrielli covers Sheriff sales, just D-T (deed of trust) foreclosures through the special proceedings office. I see he's added quite a few counties, and that would be trustee sales scheduled and/or S-TR (or equivalent) filings vs. 'logged' upset bids. 

Having used his service for many years, I can say that for Wake county at least, the data provided is as good as doing your own research (which means hitting the courthouse on a regular basis.) There were, when I subscribed (I'm not now since I am on the buyer's sidelines bench), no other services that were remotely close to the quality and timeliness of his data. 

Disclaimer: I was a user of the service but had no affiliation with Dan or his company. I will say, as a programmer, I built my own system that was comparable (better in some ways, not so much in others) in many ways to Dan's, but I didn't have online access to the Upset Bid sheets and that was a significant factor in my using his service. PITA going to the courthouse all the time;) 

Update: I will say that I used his data in roughly a dozen trustee purchases in the years that I used his service.