Introduction - New To Raleigh Market

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Hello everyone on BP in the Raleigh, NC (Triangle) market!

I wanted to introduce myself to y'all. My partner, @Brandon Abbott , and I are actively seeking large 100+ multifamily properties in the Raleigh-Durham market. We are also very active in the Charlotte, NC market.

Any areas that you feel would be good for us to investigate or where you see the market going right now in Raleigh?

All help would be appreciated.

Also, we are looking to host a monthly meetup in Raleigh soon...let me know if you are interested at all.

Thanks, Dan

@Dan Handford Welcome. And good luck finding them! We started looking this year outside of the Raleigh area as the price to rent ratios were so bad. We have been looking at G-boro, to Greenville and everywhere in between.

Welcome @Dan Handford ! I always like to attend local meetups when not conflicted by travel; and I'm also seeking multifamily properties in the area, although 100+ is currently beyond my reach (half that and below).

I'm also new to investing, but like the R-D area.  Looking for: anything between 4 and 20 doors, Class B or C; and recommendations for property managers, local lenders, and agents.  Seems like things are pretty well picked over right now.  What do the locals say about the economy?