Bismarck REA Meetings

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Is everyone still up for meeting tonight?

Hey everyone.  Figured I’d pop my head in here and see if there’s any plan to meetup anytime soon?  Just starting my first flip and would be great to connect with ya’ll.

Hello all, I would be up for meeting again and seeing how everyone is doing. This Wednesday is a poss

Hello All,

I would be up to meet. It would be nice to hear what everyone is up to.


Hey guys! We could sure plan a meetup sometime soon! What does everyone's schedule look like? Maybe meet mid-April?

Moderator Note: It is fine to discuss having a meetup in this forum, but Meetup announcements can ONLY be posted in the Events Forum.

I set up and event for Y'all to link to. We can still talk in here and set the date.

Thanks Lee.  Mid April works great for me.  Doesn’t need to be that far out either though.  You’ll link once we pick a date?  I’ll throw out the 9th or 16th (2nd or 3rd Tuesday)

Yeah I’ll update the link once we come to a consensus on date and if we want a different establishment.

16th would be better for me, but don't not schedule it on my account.

I changed the date to the 16th. Then we can all celebrate surviving TAX DAY! Unless of course your acct's are so screwed up you need an extension. = Me.

Haha, thanks Lee!  Sure appreciate it.  Send us a link when you’ve got time!  🛫

Just a reminder to everyone, we are meeting at the Lodge in Bismarck at 6 PM tonight. See you all there!

And of course I forgot to put it on my calendar🤦🏼♂️

I’ll rip up there just incase ya’ll staying until 7:30/8:00.

Will be here for a little while longer

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