Columbus GA Meet Up?

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Columbus, GA doesn't have a REA that I know of, and I see a lot of newcomers to BP from the area including Phenix City, Fort Mitchell, AL.  Would some of you like to get together and exchange some ideas and contact information?  We should strengthen our local network improve our buyers/sellers list and make referrals to each other like electricians, plumbers, construction guys, etc.

I completely, and wholeheartedly support this idea. I currently have a rental property in the Columbus, GA area that I've been trying to build a team of contractors for. I would be very much so interested in networking with fellow investors, contractors, bankers, real estate lawyers, etc. Count me in!!!

@Anthony Dooley 

Columbus, GA does a REA although very small and not diverse among different professional areas like bankers, contractors etc, they meet once a month on Tuesday evening. The REA is unstructured, typically has a speaker to discuss a specific topic.

In the past, guest speakers from Atlanta have come down as key note speakers. 

Contact me for more info.

Mil Sanghvi

I'm interested, please update me. Thanks!

I'm always down! 

To either of you,

I saw you have some activity in the Georgia market. I wanted to reach out because I have a very well priced deal in Phenix City that I need to move fast! I'm out of state from FL so the option of doing a renovation doesn't make sense to me. The home is priced extremely well for an investor to pick it up and list back on the market after some renovations...Let me know if any of you have interest.



Does anyone have an up-to-date status on a Columbus, GA REIA meeting. I've found several names and contact info that seem to be out of date. Can anyone confirm that a monthly or weekly meeting is happening - -- where?/When?


@Trey Reese They met on Tuesday of last week.  Had an appraiser speak and a representative from Atlanta with a company that does contracting/rehab work.  Here is the details of the meeting time/date:

There is a meet up at the Keller Williams in Columbus on Veterans Parkway. The group is called the "River Cities Investor Roundtable". Meeting the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.  Always looking to network if anyone is aware of additional meet ups in the area. 

Does anyone know when the next meeting is? 

Any Columbus, GA property managers at the meetings?

@David Morgan - the next meeting will be Oct 4th @ 7pm (1st Tuesday of each month).

@James P. - I don't typically meet anyone advertising themselves as property managers, but I'm sure you could network to some with people at the meetings.  It's a reasonably small meeting group - usually 10-15 per meeting.  I have some contacts with local property management companies - if you'd like, I'll pass along that contact info.

@Trey Reese , Thanks for the feedback. I would appreciate it if you would send me some contact info of the property management companies.

Hi!  I'll be at the meeting on Oct 4th.  Thank you

This is group still meeting? If so, is it still the 1st Tuesday?

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