Howdy to Columbusites!

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Hi everyone,

I'm an out of state investor from San Francisco looking to invest in Columbus.

When the cost to add just a small 450 square foot studio apartment to my duplex in San Francisco came out to be more than the median home price nationwide, I realized I should find another state to invest in! So I started researching different markets across the country and Columbus fit all my criteria for steady growth (emphasis on steady!), diversified economy, affordability, etc. I'm looking to invest in small multifamily (2-4 unit) properties. 

I'm visiting the city weekend of November 8 to check out different neighborhoods. In advance of that, would love to connect with locals and investors and talk shop!

- Harman

Good evening Harman!

San Francisco is a great city! Pleasure meeting on Bigger Pockets. Let's connect while you're here in Columbus. I personally have 32 doors ranging from C to A class here in Columbus Ohio. 

@Harman N. Sounds like you have a great plan. I got started investing in 2-4 units in Columbus after I graduated College. I am up to 14 doors (4 properties) in the area. Now I am helping in-state and out-of-state clients do the same.

I am also part of the Urban Land Institute, The Ohio State Center for Real Estate, and Habitat for Humanity. I try to stay as connected to local real estate groups as possible.

I am a Realtor, property manager, and investor in Columbus, OH. I encourage you to check out my BP profile to learn more about my background. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you with anything.

I would recommend connecting with @Brad Clarizio. He’s a really good investor friendly realtor to work with. I would also recommend listening to the Take Action Real Estate podcast. Its specific to Columbus investing and helped me learn about the area and investing in general. 

Good luck!

Welcome, Columbus is a great place to invest. if you need help or questions answered I'll be happy to help

I second @Jordan Michaud

@Brad Clarizio is the real deal. I know he already works with a couple CA investors and knows his stuff! You may also want to look ahead and think about property managers. A quick Google search will show you who the best ones are. Good luck!

@Harman N.

I am an investor here in Columbus. I am always happy to share my experience and knowledge of the local market. I would reccomend trying to find some neighborhoods you are interested in before you come to help focus your energy. Any of the realtors/property managers posting or mentioned above will be happy to show you around. Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need referrals.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Looking forward to connecting with y'all individually as well. 

Have spent most of the weekend looking into different neighborhoods. Definitely a lot of development and revitalization going on in Columbus!