Looking for a CPA in Cleveland Ohio Area

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Does anyone know where I can find a CPA that specializes in real estate in the Cleveland area? The CPA business must be booming in CLE because I am having a very hard time even finding a CPA that will meet with me. 

Hey @Matthew Jure . Are you looking for someone to help you file taxes, or are you trying to get your financial systems established properly?

@Matthew Jure

Cleveland has experienced population decreases since the 1960's. Cleveland also had a lot of employers leave after the most recent recession. With that said - I am hearing great things about Cleveland in recent years.

Congrats on your househack and being able to life a debt-free lifestyle!

If you do not get any recommendations in this post I would do 3 things

1) create a keyword alert for "Cleveland" and "Lakewood". You will notice frequent posters on topics that have those keywords. Reach out to the frequent posts for who they use for a CPA.

2) Attend local real estate networking events and ask the attendees on which CPA they use.

3) If you are still having trouble - you may want to reach out to a CPA who works with clients remotely. I, along with others on this website, work with people remotely.

Thank you Basit and Mitch for your advice! I am looking for someone to file my taxes, but also help me set up financial systems, provide advice on reducing tax liability, and provide advice regarding my future real estate plans. I set up the key word alerts and I plan to reach out to some people. I also plan to attend a local REIA and ask around.

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