Real Estate Agent Recommendations in Cleveland!

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Hey, everyone!

So, my partner and I have decided to go for a multi-family in Cleveland for our first deal (we plan on house-hacking). We live in Philadelphia at the moment, but we're planning to head out there soon. We wanted to get started on the searching process before we get there, which led us here!

Does anyone have any knowledgeable, honest real estate agents in the Cleveland area that they could recommend (or are any of you one yourselves), by any chance?

Anything helps and is appreciated :)


Hi @Nina Ricci   are there any particular areas in Cleveland that you're interested in?  city limits only or suburbs too?  Try talking to @George Hoover - did 3 transactions with him last year (west side Cleveland, Lakewood, Fairview Park) and he did an awesome job for me on all of them.  very consistent and quick follow up.  Based on west side multi families I've been watching, the market is as hot as I've ever seen it be ready to act quickly once you find something.  Let me know if I can help with evaluating areas or individual properties.

Thanks for the kind words @Don Petrasek !

@Nina Ricci please feel free to reach out.  I am also working with a house hacker in Lakewood on a duplex.  We have a contingent offer.  I'd be happy to help you.

@Don Petrasek Thanks, Don! I'm interested in areas like Coventry Village, Ohio City, and things like that. Areas with things to do, good purchase prices, and room for us to appreciate their value, etc.

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