Water and Sewer billing

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Are Water and Sewer are billed separately in Cleveland?

Also, is $86 per month for sewer normal? This is on a 3/1 SFH.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you’ll get a separate bill each month from Cleveland Water and NEORSD (sewer). Sewer will typically be a bit higher than water. $86/mo for sewer is a little high but not crazy. It’s really quite a crap shoot and varies tremendously from tenant to tenant and house to house. 

You might consider installing water saving features (replace old toilets, install water saving shower heads, etc.) and actually asking the tenants to please try to conserve water (if you have a good relationship with them). 

Water and Sewer are billed separately, yes. $86/mo is on the high side, imo, for a 3/1 SFH but not unreasonable. I have a fully occupied duplex that ranges from $40-60/mo and another that would range from $100-$140.

As @Robert Matelski mentioned, it would benefit you to confirm you have watersense toilets and low flow fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom.  Another contributing factor is if you have one or multiple unemployed people living on the property; in which case you'll see usage at all hours of the day in your hourly report. 

@Greg S. They are billed seperately. Now if you are trying to get a TENANT to pay for this in Cleveland it most likely won't happen. If it's an SFR and the tenant is not on Section 8 then you most certainly can "try" to have the water and sewer bills sent directly to them....but if they decide NOT to pay it..then NEORSD or Cleveland Water will still go after you for the money as the owner...and please don't have the water shut off if the tenant doesn't pay because that will be ALL bad.

The way most landlords handle this out there is to simply raise the rent, so that the cost is "built in".