Cleveland: anyone buying in 44105 or 44110, or other East zips?

3 Replies | Cleveland, Ohio

I know there's a big appetite for the Westside of Cleveland (e.g. Lakewood and others).  But is anyone investing on the Eastside? I know things vary street by street in Cleveland, but just wanted to find out if anyone sees opportunity in 44105, 44110, -03, -06, -08, -04 etc.  Thanks.

I would suggest 44128 if you want an affordable, decent area east of town. With that being said it depends on your strategy and risk tolerance.  If you’re looking for D and F areas on purpose then the issues that come along with it should be set in concrete for your expectations up front. 

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My question is 'why?'  My properties are in Cuyahoga County but are based on market research used to meet a specific strategy.  For the life of me I don't see how any market research would put my money into those zips unless I had a concealed carry, was a lot younger, and had more money than brains.