Getting better, learning, and getting closer to our goals!

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Just wanted to share another successful step in the right direction for me and my friend. And mostly, thank the BP community for all the help and information! 

My friend and I always wanted to become Real Estate investors. But you know how it goes - "no experience and no money". So we had to find a way to get started on it somehow and get some valuable experience.

So we decided to open a Real Estate Marketing Agency focused on FSBO... nothing against agents! It's just the niche we decided to come in haha

And that's how we wanted to get started in Real Estate - providing all the tools to FSBO owners - because that meant we would need to learn A LOT to be able to help home owners. Due diligence, title, inspectors, appraisers, contractors, you name it...

We actually ended up with a large network of trustworthy connections doing this. And the best part is, we're making/saving money so we can start funding our own Real Estate investments. 

And I mean we're getting closer to our goal because our business is proving to work well - we just sold another house after only 8 days on Zillow! 

Our listing got thousands of more views than houses in the area because we nailed Zillow ranking algorithm. And that's exciting because we will - at least in the beginning of our REI career - be selling all of our properties FSBO.

And much of what we know about REI, finding trustworthy people to work with, and how to crunch numbers came from BP. We've actually connected with other members here who are now working with us (and both parties are making more money from these connections).

So yeah, just wanted to share how excited we are about accomplishing our goals - and how much BP is helping us get there! 

Thanks again BP community, and especially the local Cleveland experts who help us so much! 


It sounds like you are successfully marketing and selling other people's properties as FSBO via Zillow... or are you buying them and then selling them?

Hi @Bob Collett

Yes. That's exaclty what we're doing - helping FSBO sell their homes. We take professional photos, virtual tours, walkthrough videos, listing descriptions, etc...all the good stuff to get well ranked on Zillow.

We don't buy any houses yet. But we're saving money from this service we provide for future down payments once we're ready to start investing.