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Looking for a reputable contractor in Cleveland, Euclid, OH
We are looking for a reputable contractor to clear POINT OF SALE INSPECTION Violations in Euclid, (WORK MUST BE PERFORMED BY A CITY OF EUCLID REGISTERED CONTRACTOR). A list of Violations will be share upon... View more
Looking to Build a Team in Cleveland
Good morning all! This is my first time posting on BiggerPockets, but I've been listening for about a year. My partners and I are looking to invest in SFHs and duplex/triplexes in the Cleveland area. We're looking for... View more
New to Cleveland market - hoping for advice
Hi Everyone,I am a CA investor/resident looking to expand my portfolio to Cleveland. This is my first time venturing into out of state properties, so I had a few questions about the Cleveland housing market.I am... View more
Important features for rental units (dishwasher, laundry, etc)
Good morning. We are out of state investors in the search for another property in the Cleveland area. We aren't desperate so we're waiting for the right property. Our budget is <$120k. We're looking for units that... View more
Looking for property manager in Cleveland
Hello,I'm looking for a recommendation for a good property manager for a duplex we just bought in Cleveland.   We have the resources to buy a few more rental properties but would like solid property manager in place... View more
Cleveland Ohio Rental Property
Hello all! I recently came across an article listing the top 10 cities for rental properties in 2021 and one of them was Cleveland Ohio. After a quick search on Zillow I found properties for as low as $20k. Now, I... View more
Lead Abatement contractor in Canton Ohio
Recently purchased an investment property for $15k in Canton Ohio. After acquiring the property I learned that there was a lead paint abatement on the home form both the city and state. My first though was to disclose... View more
Anyone in the Canton area?
Hi,I'm located in Jackson twp. I am looking to get into real estate investing. Are there any other locals around?I'm really new to all of this so any local connections would be awesome.Thanks
Gravity Octopus Furnace in a 2 family home? Run??
What can you tell me about buying a home with 2 gravity fed furnaces in working order?   Is this a big concern and a reason to run or are they not that bad to replace when the time comes?
Suggestions on a lawyer for landlords in Cleveland?
Hi Everyone, I am growing and am looking for suggestions on a lawyer to review or draft a new lease to ensure compliancy and protection with our units.  Who are you using in the CLE area. Thank you in advance!
Cleveland's old housing stock, problem?
Hello, newer OOS state investor here. We're attracted to the Cleveland market because my wife is from the area so is familiar with it and the home prices fit our budget (<120,000). We purchased a condo in Bedford... View more
Cleveland Ohio amidst COVID
Hey my fellow REI's,First off, I hope everyone is safe,healthy and most importantly staying in positive spirits. I am thinking of purchasing my second rental in Cleveland but given that I'm an out of state investor... View more
Average Vacancy rate in Cleveland / Suburb market
Hi i own a properties around Garfield heights / cleveland area. What is the average vacancy rate at a C class / C+ neighborhood? After turnover, it takes my property mgr 3-9 months to rent. Is that normal? For me a... View more
Suggestions on financing/loans
Hey Bigger Pockets, I am in a real pickle. I really want to get invested in real estate here in Cleveland and feel the best way to learn is to jump in an do it. I received approval for an FHA loan that would allow me... View more
New to the Cleveland market and looking for contacts
Hello All, I am interested in learning Cleveland market and getting some help with MSL leads from a realtor to start. My conform zone is SFR with a guest unit or duplexes, that are in decent (c or b) neighborhoods at... View more
Old Brooklyn - Water Back Up Coverage
Hi everyone,I am purchasing a slab bungalow in Old Brooklyn on Fulton Pkwy.  Does anyone know if there are issues in the area with water/sewer backups?  It's $80 on the year for $5k of coverage but if it's not... View more
Best Area's for flip deals in Greater Cleveland
Hi Guys, I am a real state investor looking for flip deals in Cleveland, and its suburbs. Which are the best areas for flips? in terms of ARV, DOM, better margins?Thanks
Multifamily down payment(Attempting to use BRRRR method
Hello Everyone, So, I'm thinking about making this 6 unit apartment building my very first property to my portfolio. I've been doing heavy research and due diligence on different financing options. There's a hard money... View more
Foreclosures from Cuyahoga Sheriff - Cleveland
Hi,I am out of state (remote) investor.I would like to know more about bidding and buying foreclosed properties from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's office.How does the process work? What are the main things I need to... View more
Long distance investing in Cleveland
Hi everyone,I'm looking for a good and investor friendly realtor in Cleveland OH to help me investing in a multifamily home from abroad (Switzerland).My budget is max 70k with an high ROI .Maybe I've to look near to... View more
New to Cleveland Real Estate! Management Help Appreciated!
Hi All, I'm new to the Cleveland real estate market, I've done some research and it seems Cleveland has great numbers. My concern here is vacancy rate, tenant tenure, and finding a good property management. I've found... View more
Where are the best neighborhoods to invest in fix and flips
Hi all,I am a flipper from Columbus and I am doing researches on Cleveland market.I doing high end flips and cosmetic flips as well.What are the recommended neighborhoods to invest in fix and flips in Cleveland?
Opinions on Holton-Wise Property Group
Does anyone here have experience with Holton-Wise Property Group? Both from an investment property acquisition perspective, and from a property management perspective? Feel free to PM me if you prefer to keep your... View more
Excessive water bills in CLE - leak, tenant, or both?
Ultimately, my question is how much a running toilet / leaking kitchen sink could reasonably impact average water bills. But first please let me provide a little specific background and why I am crunched for time to... View more
Anyone do business with North Coast Commercial Group?
I'm talking with North Coast Commercial Group about a commercial loan in the Cleveland area.  Has anyone here on BP done business with them in the past?  It would be great to hear about your experience and if you would... View more