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I'm looking at a 5 unit in the Golf Manor area of Cincinnati.  I've called several property management companies and none seem helpful or didn't cater to that small of a building. 

Can anyone suggest a PM in that area?
What are the tenants like in Golf Manor? What are the economic drivers in that area?  What are market rents? Market rents for Section 8?


@Jose Guevarra Golf Manor is a tiny village adjacent to the City of Cincinnati (and part of Cincy schools) - specifically the communities of Pleasant Ridge (good) and Roselawn (not so good). It's so small, there really just isn't much to tell. If you haven't found it yet, here is the Village's website:

I'm too far removed from Cincinnati at this point to give an opinion on market rents and economic drivers, but I'll PM you with contact info for a diligent property management team that does mostly multis, and who will happily take on a five unit.

I have a place next door in Pleasant Ridge.  I am sure you just have not found the right type of PM that specializes in small multi-family.  I would rate it a C area but not far from nicer places that may experience improvement in the near future.

As with most suburbs in most cities, Golf Manor is a mixed bag.  The closer you are to Losantiville and the further east, the better the area.  The ends of Yosemite and Ridgeacres are nice as well because they back up to Losantiville Country Club.  I won't even look at anything between Rosedale/Harmon and Langdon Farm.

There are a couple of residential brokers in the area.  I'd look them up and see if they offer PM services.

@Sean Cole , any idea what a lot on Yosemite would go for? It's on the corner of Yosemite and Langdon Farm. I'm not familiar with the area. I saw multiple lots west of there listed for $20k, but don't know if that's hopeful pricing or realistic.

@Matthew Allen, Local to the area here. I would say 20k is possible given where you say the lot is located. Yosemite is far enough east and pretty close to Losantville Country Club that I think it could reasonably fetch between 15k-20k. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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