Seeking Property Management on 60+ units in Cincinnati

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I am looking to lock down a property management resource for service that will begin either at the very end of December or early January (2018), depending on closings.

This will be about 63 units up and one that needs a rehab. With 28 on one property on Beechmont, in Mount Washington, 14 more close by and also on Beechmont in Mount Washington and 21 in the Mount Airy area -- on one two-building property.  the Mount Airy property is the one that has needs a single unit re-habbed.

Units on all properties are currently basically fully rented.

The I am an out-of-state (soon to be) owner. My owner style will be initially hands on, and then increasingly hands off as the transition of ownership settles in. I am prepared to handle certain aspects of management if such makes sense. 

So I will definitely need help with the local handling of maintenance, turn-over, filling vacancies, etc. The handling of bills and books might fall onto other resources. I have to get a feel for what scenarios work for all.

If you have recommendations, or would like to suggest yourself or your company, please PM so we can be in touch to talk it through . Looking to lock in my pick in the next two weeks.

@Joe Bourguignon , It's been 13 months now. I ended up splitting the management between 2 companies, as 22 units are in one area and 42 units are in another.

I'll be straight and tell you I am not excited about either company I currently use. After constantly kicking their *sses about all of it, I would say that one company is adequate and the other company is barely adequate. But I have to be on their case all the time to get it where it is. 

I have explored other options, and I plan to make a global change of some kind in the near future.  I just get the vibe that other companies I've explored seem like a variation on the theme and the result would just be a different version of the same. My frustration with property management rivals my other big problem which is finding and retaining viable tenants. Which really circles back to management.