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It's a perfect life hacking opportunity - too much on my plate already. 3 - 2 bedroom apts and one rough commercial space. I'm not selling or making any commission on this. I'm just putting it out there as a gift to the world. If you know anyone who has wanted to get started this is a perfect project - you'll needs repair skills and money for materials. Live in one unit, rent the others out. Owner will hold paper for a few years as you do repairs and increase the value of the building. Owner is older and not capable of doing the repairs and does not want to spend money on the building. One apt is occupiable. One needs some cosmetic work, one needs significant rehab (but is livable now - only a scum bag would rent it). The commercial space was an old bar. The city won't allow that use now though.

Please send details in a message to me, thank you !

John - I've noted that you are from out of state. If your not going to be an owner occupant I'd rather not share it with you. The area does not need more absentee landlords. Even though you are likely a good guy and take good care of your property. This is something for a newbie and someone who will be part of the community.

I'd be interested and live in Bellevue myself right now. I wouldn't be owner occupant though. I'd fix it up and sell as a turnkey or keep it long term 

Brian, give me a call five one three three four eightsixzerofive six

Hey Chris, I just sent you a message about this. 

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