Northside - Did it just die?

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Northside Neighborhood of Cincy is a dangerous. In 2011-13 it was way worse, I lived in the American Can Building -  Considering the lack of inventory elsewhere in Cincy it should turn around. 

Unfortunately just this morning the news showed a shooting nearby where SWAT was called in.   

6 month check up, ha. Still think its dead?

Here is a little insider information that even Cinci locals may not know. The wait list for Parker Woods Montessori kindergarten spots is now the longest in the district, passing the German Language School. 

I don't know what kind of indicators people are used to seeing, but this is a strong counter to the opinion that the neighborhood is fringe, or only appeals to DINKs, or is dangerous.

From a new investment standpoint there is a lot of competition for the few deals left, but there is a steady supply of new listings because people are cashing out. The capital appreciation on the single family homes over the last 5 years is greater than 100%.

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