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Hey guys, I am a local Memphis investor. I have a seller that I found through our marketing efforts that owns a home in Memphis and Toledo. As condition of the Memphis sale he has asked that we also purchase his property in Toledo. I know nothing about the toledo market and wanted to see if anyone knowledgable could help me determine if this toledo property is worth trying to wholesale.

The property is located on Valentine st and the owner is asking 15k for the house. I can send more details, anyone have any insight?

@Engelo Rumora Thanks for the heads up!

Hi Stephen, if this is the Valentine St on the East Side of Toledo (South side of the Maumee River) it may be a fine investment...$15k may be a wholesale price OR an overvalued retail price, all depends on the location and condition.

I just had an investor contact me to see if I wanted a 3 bedroom house for $1 with $2000 back taxes...the place is truly a toss up. Both doors were kicked open when I walked it, weeds 6' tall, house next door is already demolished and the neighborhood is in the Hood of the Hood. I draw the line when the house needs everything replaced INCLUDING new electrical...if the drywall has been ripped out to get 14ga romex then it's time to walk away and let it get torn down.

Throw me a PM or a call/text, happy to take a look at it and let you know what you are dealing with Stephen!

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