Multi-Families in Toledo Metro

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Hi all,

I recently accepted a job opportunity in the Toledo area (near Owens CC) and want to purchase a multi-family to celebrate! My plan is to purchase a duplex, live in one, and rent the other to start in real estate investing and I am looking for area recommendations. So far I've been using online sites to look for properties in Sylvania, Maumee, Perrysburg, Rossford, and Bowling Green. I want to look in Toledo as well, but am not sure of what areas to look into as everyone has suggested living outside the city for better schools. Since I want a home for residential AND investment purposes--I may or may not stay in Toledo long-term--what are some areas good for living and renting? I want to be within 20 minutes driving of work and good schools are less important to me personally (for now!) as I have a child entering preschool.


@Shanae Swaby Welcome to the 419, it sounds like you're making some good decisions. You will find a lot of options to choose from. Many neighborhoods can be reached in 20 minutes, but Sylvania would be a stretch. It really depends on the type of neighborhood/feel you are looking for, and once you describe that to a realtor (I'm not one) I'm sure you can find a duplex nearby. Less duplex choices in the suburbs but there should be some.

Just to name a few:

Perrysburg: A+ suburban, but pricy and they go fast

Oregon: B suburban

Rossford: B suburban

Maumee: B suburban

South Toledo / Beverly is probably one of the few within Toledo I would suggest as being relatively safe and also a reasonable commute for you. Trendy appreciating neighborhood, older houses, some duplexes.

Anything east of Owens can be summed up as rural.

Good luck to you, I'm sure you'll get more suggestions on here!


You really do have a ton of options and there is everything from cheap duplexes for 40k to suburban townhome style duplexes for 200k+. I am not a realtor but I do suggest asking

@Shanae Swaby It's probably about the same, 25 minutes, but Sylvania to Owens has a lot of highway bottleneck transitions that are nasty during rush hour especially if there is construction. My wife and I live in Sylvania and love it, but we don't have to drive across town. Bowling Green is an easy drive. Bowling Green also encompasses a huge area. BG has college town, suburb, and rural depending on where exactly.

Why not buy a SF and a MF, live where you want to live and invest where the number make sense as they say. Are you trying to do low down payment like FHA?

Welcome to Toledo @Shanae Swaby

Nice duplexes are hard to find in the Toledo area but if you keep looking you’ll find. I’m in the process of closing on one which is the first one I’ve really liked after months of looking - yes I’m picky. I actually viewed one in Perrysburg not far from Owens but it required too much work and appeared neglected so I passed on it. You may need to rent for a while until you find exactly what you want. Good luck