Rockwell area of Oklahoma City

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I am an investor in the Tulsa area and don't know Oklahoma City neighborhoods very well.  I am looking at buying a residential rental in the Rockwell and NW 16th street area.  Can anyone comment on that area of Oklahoma City?  What are the good and bad thoughts on it.  Property is in Putnam City School district, any thoughts on that school system?

Mr. Willhoite,

I have two boys who have attended Putnam City Schools. They both loved their schools. They both went to Capps Middle School and Putnam City High School. Putnam City School system is more like a big family rather than your average school system! Great school pride and parent involvement! I’m not familiar with the area of Rockwell and 16th.

Please let me know if I can help you with any other questions.


Joe Johnson

My kiddo went to PC schools in that area until we couldn't stand it anymore and went private.  They're probably no worse than any other OKC Public School but in our experience, that end of the district got short shrift from PC leadership. We owned a rental in that area for some time and in the end decided the rent prices didn't justify the cost of that house and sold it.  I'm certain there are opportunities, the particular home we had didn't work for our model.  One thing to be aware of is the large number of apartment complexes in the area.

i can tell you this that while putnam city schools are doing great things (my wife worked there for years) . generally when folks call looking for a rental in a certain school district PC schools are not on their list.  

Not the most sought-after area. If you're going to buy anywhere along 16th you should look much further east...between Broadway/I-44 & NW 50th/NW 16th. Also depends on what you're wanting to do with the property. Either way, good luck!

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