TULSA: Converting a Garage into a 3rd bedroom and 2nd Bathroom

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BP Friends, 

Question: I plan on converting a garage into a 3rd bedroom with a bathroom. My only concern is adding the bathroom. Who would I contact first a license plumber? 

Updated 9 months ago

I guess the real question should be does anyone recommend a plumber in Tulsa, OK?

My advice. Get permits! I see so many room illegal additions/conversions where the homeowner spends a lot of money on the project, but when they sell the appraiser assigns it no value because the square footage is unpermitted. Also, make sure this conforms to the neighborhood, in some cases losing a garage and gaining livable space can cost value.

As always, seek professional advice.

Prestons plumbing in tulsa. He works with investors all the time. 

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