Need Property Manager In Oregon City Oregon

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We have a house in Oregon City that hasn't sold in 5 months. The tenants just moved out, we are thinking we will rent it again and then fix it up in the spring to sell. Looking for a property manager in the area, as I live in Utah. 

Any leads appreciated.

Hey Alison, 

Sorry to hear that your property property hasn't sold in 5 months. That's definitely unusual for most properties in our area. 

If you want to investigate PMs in our area, I'd start with Dan Hayes at Real Property Management Solutions. He managed my properties for a couple years. 

Hope that helps as a starting point...if you have more questions, shoot me a message, email, or phone call. 

Good luck!


I have spoken with Bill Lamberth of Eagle Property Management. He seems to have a reputable company. PMs in this area generally charge 9-10% of monthly rent plus some % of the first month's rent.