Real Estate Attorney Recommendations

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l am looking for recommendations for a real estate attorney in Oregon (ideally the Beaverton or Portland Area).  Who have you worked with in the past that you would recommend to the folks in this forum?  What qualities do you look for in a good real estate attorney?  What qualities do you avoid?

I want this thread to educate me, but also educate the others in the forum when they need to find a good attorney.

Warner Allen I have used for some small stuff. But a good friend in Property Management uses him a lot. Last I checked he wasn’t taking new clients but that may have changed as that was a while ago. I like the recommendation Dave Ramsey gives on hiring an attorney “hire someone you aren’t 100% sure if you even like” 

by looking up the lawyer @Craig Curelop recommended I located several real estate attorneys with ratings at avvo ( I don't recall the rules about posting links and such so you will have to use google to get there and select the real estate category)