Where do you buy scratch and dent appliances?

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Hi all

Looking for recs on where's the cheapest place to buy scratch and dent appliances.

Doing a flip and need to purchase full package for kitchen and also considering washer and dryer purchase.

Speaking of which, when you guys flip a house do you normally provide the washer and dryer? Sale price is around 275K. If so how nice of a washer and dryer? Front load high efficiency or??


Oh and I specifically mean in Philadelphia area thanks

Sears Outlet is where I last purchased scratch and dents.

Best Buy has open box stuff - it is limited to the specific store location, so you might have to pick and choose from a number of their local stores.

Gerhard's has a warehouse in Fort Washington where they have scratch and dents.

Queen Appliance is another.

If you were DIG member, you would have some benefits that might make sense. New in box kitchen appliances as a package sometimes are a good deal.

We buy in Kensington. They'll give you a great deal if you pay cash. Just drive up Kensington ave around Allegheny. Lock you car though, despite the gentrification there's still a lot of heroin addicts.  Sometimes the Restore in Maple Shade has  good stuff. The one on Washington ave is not that great. 

Thanks @Steve Babiak .. always great advice and much appreciated. Also thanks to @Amia Jackson .. I’ll go armed for security concerns lol

I always look on Craigslist first, then, check out the stores mentioned.  I have bought on CL, like new appliances that were in model homes, or in condos that were bought and the new owners wanted different brands installed.

I sometimes sell appliances on Craigslist that I take out of houses that I am flipping, to install better quality ones.  

One thing we always buy new is an above the range microwave, at about $110 to $120.  I replace the hoods with them.  It is a great upgrade that doesn't cost much, and tenants and buyers love that.  Usually, I install a dishwasher too, if the kitchen doesn't have one.

We buy a new washer and dryer for flips.  We get the basic types from Lowes or HD, at about $300 each.

I always leave the new tags hanging on the appliances, so the prospects can see that they will have new ones.

Our homes are looking great when done, but not high end, so we don't need to spend more.

Thanks @James Barnhart As an update I went to HD today to see if they had any open box or scratch stuff and the salesperson told me Black Friday sales start first week of November and run through Black Friday (and sometimes extended depending on sales). She said it’s the best sale of the year.

Since I won’t need appliances until then I’ll price shop some appliance sets now and then compare to Black Friday sale when they start.

I 2nd the Kensington area.  There is Facebook group Buy/Sell North Philly where alot of these stores advertise.  I saw a nice fridge for <$300!

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