Germantown Worth it or Not?

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Originally posted by @Ryan D. :

Hey Dave, I'm looking at Germantown as well. It seems like there's a lot of exciting businesses in the pipe and access to Wayne Junction makes it a very attractive area. The good thing with Philly nowadays is investors from NYC are buying up everything since everything is so cheap compared to Brooklyn and elsewhere.

I see nothing but good things for Germantown 3 years out from now. I use google search trends to gauge where a local market may be in the business cycle and see Fishtown similar to how Brooklyn was for NY around 2003/2004. Anywhere in Philly near the El or any major train stop will be a great buy long-term. Best of luck to you.

I'm from Brooklyn, and investing in Philadelphia. I see a lot of similarities. I think the one thing slowing Philadelphia's growth is the lack of small businesses and shops, and the tight streets. But as I drive through parts of Philadelphia I see similarities to parts of Brooklyn.