ReZoning to 2-family from 1(Used as 2-fam in the past)

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Looking to buy a corner property already setup as 2 separate units. Bottom basement unit is above grade, got separate kitchen, bathroom and entrance. Was used once as 2-family back when, but since owner has turned into 1-family. Have to call zoning to find out if could be re-zoned into 2-family. Anyone has experience doing this in Philly, and how hard is it?

@Ankan Basak

The question is was it approved. It should show in the licenses section of atlas. If approved it should also show an active use permit for a two family dwelling

@Mayer M.

Got the PM and looked at the address.

The property is zoned single family and it appears at one point it was used as a duplex but then in March 2000 the use was changed from two family to single family and is therefore not currently a legal two family. Should you want it to be a legal two family you would need to go through the variance process and get an attorney and architect involved. Wether or not it would get approved is another story.

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