Is Pittsburgh, PA/Allegheny county tenant or landlord friendly?

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1. First off, what are the big indicators of each (tenant friendly area versus a landlord friendly area)? so I don't have to ask this question again...

2. How quickly a landlord can evict a tenant when a lease is violated?

3. What is the grace period a tenant has to pay their rent before receiving an eviction notice?

@Clayton Hepler All the questions you've asked are state-specific and may vary minimally by each jurisdiction regarding grace period and length of time to complete the eviction process. I've come across LandLordology which is a great resource when trying to get a snapshot of a specific state. Here is the link to the Pennsylvania Rental Laws. If you follow that link you'll typically get a good overview and links to specific statutes that go into more depth.  

In general, when I was trained by a real estate attorney about 20 years ago, is that PA in general leans more toward the tenant. That said, there are guidelines to follow for eviction.  Of course the best trick is do your due diligence and vetting of tenants up front to reduce your risk.  Using a good Property Manager will reduce your risk as they know best what to look for.  Once you decide on a locale, you can call the local magistrate's office and they will provide you with procedures to evict.  Let's hope you don't get into that position!

@Eric Weireter and @Gary Swank are pretty spot on. I haven’t had an issue getting rulings in my favor when money is due but the tenant can pretty much pay at anytime up until the end and stay. Cash for keys appears as a good option if you want to get someone out in less than 30 days - I just wish I would have known about it at the time!