Charleston Investor FB Group

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I want to gauge if anyone would be interested in an unaffiliated FB Group page to post deals, talk shop, ask/give advice, etc.

Please message me or comment if this is something you'd like to be involved in. I think it'd be great, and there isn't anything like this out there that isn't affiliated with a REIA (that I know of).



As @Kevin Douglas said, there are a couple of them. The Charleston Area Real Estate Investor's Club is very active. It's more a general group page with deals, resources and a great place to have questions answered. There are a couple of other smaller ones for deals, as well.

@Rickie Natividad it is still active. We don’t approve anyone that doesn’t answer the list of questions to join. We used to approve everyone, but people would join and then post solicitations for unrelated garbage. If you guys do request to join, just make sure you answer the questions. Nobody does that to be a hardass. It’s just to keep the group from getting out of control and then having to start over again from scratch.