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Good morning all!  I am seeking my third property in Memphis (technically my 4th since I sold one earlier this year) and am looking for a referral for financing.  I am trying to find a mortgage company that is investor friendly and will finance up to 10 properties.  Any recommendations would be very helpful.

Try Steve Bighaus from security national mortgage. He has been in the game for a long time and does a great job, all of my Fannie Mae loans are with him and he has financed almost 100% of our clients that buy using financing!

@Steven Gillmer ,

I love Steve Bighaus, too!  He's done great work for tons of people I know.

That said, I've got another local lender (Rosemarie Fair at Brighton Mortgage) that is looking for deals like yours.

Please send me a private message and I'll share her info with you so you can get a competing quote.

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