Looking for agent/property manager referrals in Memphis, TN area

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Hi Bigger Pockets!

I am currently working on building a team in the Memphis, TN area to begin my venture into long distance investing, and I was hoping to get some feedback from local investors or other long distance investors doing business in Memphis. I plan on seeking out distressed properties, adding value via rehab, then converting to either long term buy-and-hold rentals or flipping where it makes sense. I hope to spend the next month or two getting a solid team in place and ideally buying my first investment property before the end of this year.

That being said, does anyone have any recommendations for some good investor-friendly agents/agent teams and/or property managers in the Memphis area? Any agents/PMs with experience dealing with out-of-state investors would also be a huge plus.

Also if you are currently a local investor or out-of-stater interested in Memphis area feel free to message me to just say hi, I would love to hear some stories/advice about other investor experiences in the Memphis market.



@Chris Boselli

2 companies and ppl come to mind. 

1. You can reach out to @Alex Craig here on BP. He owns a full service turnkey company called Memphis Turnkey. He has agents in his office who could help you with locating a property, getting it renovated and then also manage it. I personally use his mgnt company for my 27 single family homes. 

2. @Dean Harris is an agent with CrestCore. He can essentially do the same thing as the company mentioned above. 

Good luck

I've worked with @Dean Harris from Crestcore to buy, rehab, and rent my Memphis investment properties. They're exactly who you're looking for. PM me if you have any questions.