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Hey BP,

Tim here. I've been on BP since Feb or March and am in Nashville. In the past 6 months I've been aggressively learning all I can about REI and have been diving in with both feet. I've set up a company, been doing direct mail marketing, driving neighborhoods, joined REIN, networked with other investors and wholesalers, get MLS listings from my agent every day and look through them, have made offers on some deals that have looked like the number could work, read many BP forums, articles, listened to podcasts, and even been on the marketplace looking for deals as well! I actually got started on my REI journey by going to a guru seminar. But even though I've done all that, I'm still feeling a bit stuck. I have yet to actually complete my first deal.

So I wanted to post on here to try to find a bit of help. I'm interested in finding and partnering with another investor who is further down the road than me and is willing to lend a hand to someone who is motivated to succeed, get deals done and make some money. But of course a in a partnership I would need to bring something to the table as well. So...

Here's how I can add value to a potential partner:

- I have some liquid capital available, and can liquidate more if necessary

- I have a design background. I have no trouble walking into a crappy property and seeing its potential. I understand and have high value on flow, texture, space, color, end user/consumer, and general aesthetic. I want any flip I do to have the "wow" factor and develop a reputation of quality. So I can add a lot of value in making renovation design choices.

- I have good team working skills and a positive attitude. 

- I have an open mind to new strategies.

- I have "house hacked" my own home and have taken it from the gaudiest thing you've ever seen to being clean, tasteful and up to date. (before and after pictures/videos available upon request, haha). As a result of that I also have experience dealing with sub-contractors from that process. So I would be able to take on project management duties as well.

So I wanted to put this out there to see if anything sticks. I'm specifically looking for someone in the Nashville area, but not opposed to input/help from elsewhere as well. So if anyone is gracious enough to be willing to lend or discuss possibilities I would love to chat and buy you a coffee or drink. Feel free to direct message me on here if you'd rather that than posting to this thread.

Thanks so much! 

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