Moving to Clarksville, TN/ Nashville area

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Moving to the area due to PCS. In the process of finding a SFH because all the Multi's were super over priced or unrealistic owners. Is this just how the market is over here? Had a owner of a 4 plex with 1 bad tenant who trashed the place, so 1 unit down 3 rented. Well he refused to fix the damage after saying he would be willing to fix it so I can get into a fha/VA situation. Then came out and said only cash offers. I'm skeptical he thought there was a lot more going on than was upfront about.

I was trying to run the 1% rule and most of the places we looked at are closer to .8%. I'm wondering if I should just find a place to live, then invest elsewhere. I have 2 properties, 4 units, in Georgia and my returns are much higher than here. Well if there are any networking events, I'd be happy to meet some people in the area. 

Also debating trying to get my real estate license and do a part time kind of thing if any of you have thoughts. Single guy willing to put in all my free time, which is usually when buyers are free anyway. If not,  then I'd still be willing to come in and do paperwork. Essentially looking for a little extra cash for my free time and to get more into RE. 

Hey Eric we have a monthly local meet up with local investors. I have an off market deal that I could put you in contact with the owner. It is a new construction quad in a great area of down. I personal purchased one of the four being built with my VA loan. If you are interested shoot me a PM.

Good luck with Clarksville and almost anywhere in Tennessee it can be hard to get into great deals right now. 

Hey Eric - welcome to Clarksville.  I live and invest here, & am in the military as well.  As Bryce mentioned, there are some good people from BP here in town.  Good luck with your PCS.  PM me if you want to grab coffee sometime.

Hey Eric.  Welcome!  I just started investing this year, although an attorney by trade, and I have found the same numbers.  It's hard to get in the really good deals unless you find something off market.  I haven't found a MF that really worked well and didn't get snatched up by someone more aggressive.  It's all a fun, challenging game.

Welcome to Clarksville.

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