East Nash Flip, looking for discount material vendors

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Under contract for a SFR in East Nashville for fix and flip... I plan to hire a smaller contractor to handle the job and purchase the materials for them, also probably sub out items they are not good at like landscaping and concrete repair. I'm still in search of someone there.

Anybody have some good locations to pick up: granite, tile, discount vanities, fixtures, doors, windows, flooring, appliances? 

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It might help to have pictures of the place. Also, I'm analyzing between a cleanup job vs a mid tier rehab. What would you recommend? https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1IaAr5B1WeTM5cd98d1EWccVzgrCHUzhn Cleanup Job: - landscape package in front - remove deck, vines from house - clean exterior, fix siding and wood rot, paint neutral beige/gray color - clean driveway/weed, clean retaining wall/pavement - replace flooring with mid grade flooring bottom level, carpet upstairs - replace interior fixtures - paint interior white trim, light color beige/gray walls, popcorn ceiling removal - new kitchen appliances

Depending on how much tile/flooring you need, I would check out Lowes and HD for their discontinued stock or whatever they have on sale. The other day they had tile on sale for 0.89/ft that was previously 2.89/ft. They only had 350sf of it though. That might be one angle to check out. I've found that for tile, the big box retailers Lowes and HD have a smaller selection from what's on display but are much cheaper than the specialty stores for a similar quality of flooring. 

Appliances: I've always found the best deals at Electronic Express in Cool Springs. Talk to my man Hamid. He has taken one day off in about 5 years, so he is always there. I always walk in and just ask him for his best deal on whatever he has at the moment. He has a large list of builders that buy from him because they offer very good prices. Delivery is always free and their turn around time is extremely fast. 

Vanities: If you want basic vanities, don't look anywhere other than Lowes and HD. They have vanities that look really nice and are cheap! If you want anything better, get ready to pay. Same thing with doors. 

Windows: Central woodwork. They have always offered the best prices and more importantly they are really good at install. I would avoid the big box retailers for windows. 

Concrete repair: Talk to my boy @Ryan Stahr his dad is the go to concrete guy in Nashville. 

Landscaping, I can give you my brother in laws number. He has his own landscaping business and does a great job. 

Thanks guys, funny I've actually used all of those vendors for my last job! So good to know. 

Let me cleanup my post update above here:

Pictures: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1IaAr5B1WeT...

Cleanup Job (Low cost fast flip): 

  • - landscape package in front 
  • - remove deck
  • - remove vines from house 
  • - clean exterior, fix siding and wood rot, paint neutral beige/gray color 
  • - clean driveway/weed, clean retaining wall/pavement 
  • - replace flooring with mid grade flooring bottom level, carpet upstairs 
  • - replace interior fixtures 
  • - paint interior white trim, light color beige/gray walls, popcorn ceiling removal 
  • - new kitchen appliances

Rehab options:

  • - Replace deck with new one (kind of awkward that high to me) vs Remove and fill in wall or add large window to master.
  • - Potential space to move laundry into upstairs bathroom closet vs basement 
  • - Can maybe get away with toilet/vanity replacement in each bathroom
  • - Uncertain if painting or replacing cabinets with ikea type is worth it
  • - Any in-ceiling lighting will cause a disaster with electrical since it is out of date
  • - Repave/fix concrete front porch and side porch - replace/paint railing
  • - Replace front walkway cement, or remove walkway and replace with right angled walk to driveway (may not provide ROI)
  • - Tear down vs paint garage port in back yard

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I made a new post to discuss which updates were best, keeping this about materials.