STR Furniture - Nashville, TN

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Good evening!

I’m inquiring about furniture. Has anyone had any luck buying from one of the many hotels undergoing remodels, or know where hotels send/liquidate old furnishing?

Where's the hot spot in Nashville for STR furniture?

I’m currently in the market for 2 queen beds and a sleeper sofa.


Hi @Adam Wright ! I haven't purchased from a hotel but I have purchased from furniture rental places and apartment communities who were renovating their model apartments. The model furniture was in better condition than the rental places. The apartments are pretty hard to find, because you want to get them before the renovations start but you can always reach out to the communities and ask. Let me know how your luck goes with hotel furniture! 

@Adam Wright

DO NOT, under any circumstances buy a used bed, ESPECIALLY from a hotel.

You are asking for bed bugs and bed bugs in a rental will ruin your life. 

I just saved you a couple thousand dollars and at least 5 years of your life. 

@Luka Milicevic should have clarified I’m in search of frame/headboard/hardware. Mattresses already covered.

Further, I’m referring to hotels with caliber of Union Station, Thompson, Omni rather than Drake Motel or Super 8.

So hotels are out.

Where have you had most success finding furnishing for your STRs?

- Not limited to sleeping(beds, etc.) but also luggage racks, lamps.

@Adam Wright

Amazon for things like blankets, kitchen stuff.

Furniture-facebook market place, costco.

Costco for a lot of stuff too. 

TJ maxx home goods for decorations and some smaller furniture items.

You really just have to go out and see what deals each place has