Is there a regular Chattanooga Tennessee Meet up?

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I'd love to get connected! We are in Cleveland, TN. We will be looking for buy and hold properties. 

We have owned rental properties in the past but moved away and sold them when we moved. We are now more established down here and would love to start that back up.

We would love to learn from someone who is knowledgeable in the low and no money down strategy. And need to learn more about the Tennessee rental ways.

If you know of a meet up, we would love to attend and get to know everyone and glean anything about real estate that we can. :)

Finally! I had Chattanooga set as a keyword alert and this thread got sent to me. I won't make the meeting at 6:30 (work) but happy to see something around here going on! Welcome back to Chattanooga, Jessica! 

The Chattanooga REIA website says the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at the Asian Buffet. That makes it January, 5th. Hopefully that is current info on their site.

Thank you! I look forward to it... the drive to Brentwood, etc. is worth it from a knowledge standpoint but I'm looking to network locally as well. 

I signed into my account and checked the 2017 calendar, but it hasn't been updated yet. They did hold the January meeting last year so I'm sure next month will still be a go. I'll update this if they send out a notification. 

Just got this!

Thursday, January 5th
Come learn from local rehabber!
at Chattanooga REIA with guest speaker Michael Hicks

Michael Hicks- President of M-TAC Properties

Michael Hicks grew up and resides in Rossville, GA where he is a currently a member of the Rossville City Council, Rossville Downtown Development Authority, and President of the Rossville Kiwanis Club. He is currently spending a great deal of his time focusing on the revitalization of Rossville.

He attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College where he studied Wildlife Management as well as Business Management. After realizing college wasn’t for him, he returned home and purchased his first property at the age of 19. Shortly after, he began building custom and spec homes at the age of 20. Fast forward 15 years, Michael has bought, built, or rehabbed over 75 units with over half of those occurring in the last year. A good bit of his deals have been obtained using seller financing and non-traditional loans.

Michael is the owner of M-TAC Properties whose primary focus is the purchasing and rehabbing of residential, multi-family, and light commercial properties in the North Georgia and Chattanooga areas. He believes that helping people solve their problems is the key to success in real estate.

Main Meeting Agenda*

6:30PM: Networking, Eating

6:50PM: Welcome, Announcements & Upcoming Events

7:00PM: Feature Presentation with John Bridger

*Please Note: Main Meeting agenda is subject to change.

@Paul Honen the location should be in Meetup but it isn't yet for the Chattanooga group. Download that app and follow the REIAs there are some for Nashville, Chattanooga, etc. I get notifications for every city but Chattanooga but it looks like we have one coming up now. 

Thanks so much for the update! Is the a charge to attend the meeting? Or do I need to be a member? I'm trying to figure out what the Chattanooga REIA website is saying.

@Paul Honen  - yes, same time and place!  Asian Buffet, 6901 Lee Highway

@Jessica Dunkle   - this will be my first meeting as well, but I've sent them a message to verify if there are any fees for the monthly meetings. From what I understand, there is a small fee to attend + the amount to eat. I'll verify as soon as I hear back!

See everyone there!

I'm a little late here but just wanted to follow up on my previous. The meetings are $15 at the door plus food if you want to eat. The last meeting was great and the information presented was on point. Hope to see everyone there next month as well.