Is Katy Saturated ?

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I have been living in Katy for 15 years and seen the place grow out of proportion. Now When I look at zip codes 77494 & 77450, I see the rental market is very strong , to all the landlords in the area , are you seeing rental depression due to abundance of rental inventory in 77494 & 77450 zips esp ? There has been general notion Katy is a safe investor  bet , is that still true ? 

Honestly, because of how good the schools are in katy. I don't feel like the rental market is affected by the amount of rental houses. If you are able to get a great house under market value and rent it out, it is a safe investment. Houses in Katy have appreciated so much since the housing crash, and as long as you hold on to your house, even if the market crashes. As long as you hold on to it, it will continue to go up. I recently purchased a house off market that needed some touch ups and have it rented out. I looked at the tax records for the house I just purchased and it has appreciated a little over 10% each year. You'll want to buy a house in south katy in my opinion.


Katy is a hot market not only for rental. I have been looking around 77449 and some other areas but the price per square-foot is too high for buy-hold investment type. You might not have high ROI of your rental props.

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