New to the area!

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Hello everyone!

I just finished my time in the Navy and moved my family into the North Houston area.  I have only been here for about a week, but I am ready to hit the ground running and begin networking in the area.  I would love to meet anyone and everyone involved in the North Houston real estate market.  

A little bit about me, as I said before I just finished my time in the military.  I served six years in the Navy's nuclear program, and conquered all of the challenges I set out to conquer.  I am a husband and father, and currently a full time student, working toward the ultimate goal of an MBA.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!



Thank you @Tony Castronovo ! I am so excited to be here.  I was raised in Pasadena, so being up here near the Woodlands is a big change.  Do you have any suggestions on meetups or events in the area where I can meet people?

I used to live in Spring. Check the Events page on BP. Jet Lending puts on a big networking event in Stafford each month. Worth the drive. But there are events all over town.

Yeah, I have found what seems like a million on, there just seem to be so many I don't know which ones to go to!

Try the Jet Lending thing. Lots of people. Lots of contacts.

They also do a once a month lunch at Gulf Gate Mall.

I agree with Tony, there are meetings all over town.

I'd say pick one and start there.

I'd say pick more than one. Each group has their own culture and you want to find one that resonates with you.

Welcome @Josh Sandefer ,

Congratulations. I'm new here too.

What kind of real estate investing are you interested in? Or do you want to network with people first and then decide? 

@Troy Southerland how long have you been in the area?  I just moved in a little more than a week ago.  

I am interested ultimately in buy and hold investing, preferably in small multifamily properties (although I haven't seen many in the north Houston area).  There is a part of me that is interested in flipping, however the rational side of me says I should probably stick with one thing or the other.  How about you?!

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