New to the area!

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Hello everyone!

I just finished my time in the Navy and moved my family into the North Houston area.  I have only been here for about a week, but I am ready to hit the ground running and begin networking in the area.  I would love to meet anyone and everyone involved in the North Houston real estate market.  

A little bit about me, as I said before I just finished my time in the military.  I served six years in the Navy's nuclear program, and conquered all of the challenges I set out to conquer.  I am a husband and father, and currently a full time student, working toward the ultimate goal of an MBA.

Looking forward to meeting all of you!



Thank you @Tony Castronovo ! I am so excited to be here.  I was raised in Pasadena, so being up here near the Woodlands is a big change.  Do you have any suggestions on meetups or events in the area where I can meet people?

I used to live in Spring. Check the Events page on BP. Jet Lending puts on a big networking event in Stafford each month. Worth the drive. But there are events all over town.

Yeah, I have found what seems like a million on, there just seem to be so many I don't know which ones to go to!

Try the Jet Lending thing. Lots of people. Lots of contacts.

They also do a once a month lunch at Gulf Gate Mall.

I agree with Tony, there are meetings all over town.

I'd say pick one and start there.

Welcome @Josh Sandefer ,

Congratulations. I'm new here too.

What kind of real estate investing are you interested in? Or do you want to network with people first and then decide? 

@Troy Southerland how long have you been in the area?  I just moved in a little more than a week ago.  

I am interested ultimately in buy and hold investing, preferably in small multifamily properties (although I haven't seen many in the north Houston area).  There is a part of me that is interested in flipping, however the rational side of me says I should probably stick with one thing or the other.  How about you?!

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