Property In South Acres Houston Needing Help Selling

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Hello BiggerPockets Family,

I have a property that I am looking at selling in South Acres Houston. The property currently has a tenant living in the house that is currently working on moving out. What is the best way to get this property sold, in the least amount of time, with limited access to the house because of the tenant?
Any suggestions or feedback is welcome!
Our current course of action is to give the tenant a notice of non-renewal and/or cash for keys. The lease is on month to month so that can be done immediately. Once the tenant moves out then we can list the property on the MLS. My feeling is that this process will take a lot longer than what I was hoping for.

Having tenant there should not be a problem if you are looking for a cash buyer. Assuming price is good you can do 1 or 2 showings and still sell to cash investors. If the house is small enough (~100-1200 SFQT )  just a drive by could be enough as well combining in inside pictures. Sent you a PM as well. 

@Cary Love selling on the MLS would likely bring a lot better price. If price isn’t that big an issue to you, a cash investor would be able to close quickly if the price is low enough for them.

@Jonathan Halverson Thank you for your feedback. Are you aware of any flat fee listing providers in the Houston market?

@Cary Love I do know of a couple flat fee listing services in the Houston area. Send me a PM and we can connect.

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