Impromptu Houston Meetup

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Hey All,

I'm an investor based in Dallas but born and raised in Houston (Clutch City for the locals). I'm coming into town this weekend to hang with family and wanted to see if any H-Town investors were free to meet up? 

Wanted to grow my network in my hometown, as well as better understand what challenges you all face and how I could help. First round on me. Available Friday night and Saturday during the day!

i'd love to join to you. Full disclosure, I am an agent at a wholesale brokerage, NetWorth Realty of Houston. Just let me know when and where. 

Starbucks, 19914 Park Row Dr, Katy, TX 77449

I’ll be here from 3-5:30pm Saturday afternoon . Meeting a few different folks at different times if you’d like to drop in

Boom! Starbucks in Katy it is. Let's make it happen folks.

@Jorge De Jesus thanks! I will try to see if I can make it but I will actually be moving that day so I will most likely be tied the whole day.

I am going to try to be there too. I haven't actually started investing yet, but I have some ideas and would love to leech some knowledge off you guys. 

It sounds like a great idea. 

I’m going to try and make this.

Hello all! I am busy at that time but would be super interested in hearing about the discussions had. Anyone willing to jot down a few notes/minutes from the more fruitful talking points of the meetup? I would certainly appreciate it. Have fun and maybe I can catch the next one!

I missed out on this one. Would have loved to make it. Please let me know of the next ones!

Did the meet up end up happening? Would love to jump in on the next one

I’m making it part of my schedule every Saturday morning 7:30-9 if anyone wants to meet Starbucks, 6137 N Fry Rd, Katy, TX 77449 please let me know by the Thursday previous! I have one young lady looking to get started wholesaling meeting me this week, who else is game?

Last meeting was a good icebreaker for meeting strangers and talking about stuff that made people around us either eavesdrop or scoff!

I'd be interested.  May 11 at Starbucks where?

This post has been removed.

Some great connections made today! See everyone next week!

Hi @Jorge De Jesus . Sorry we missed you this morning. @Tristan S. and I were hoping to swing by on an ad hoc visit. We run on Saturday mornings and didn’t finish up until after 8am. We’ll try again soon.

No worries! Next week it is! I get it! The gym called my name this morning

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