Crime reports in areas

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Are there any buy and hold investors in Houston who own homes in the 120-140k range and are having success with getting the property managed and rented out? Are homes in this price range considered to be more of a crime prone area? When I check they usually seem to have shaded crime activity... Not sure if staying in this price range may result in issues such as dealing with uncooperative tenants.

In outlying areas those values correlate with age and build quality, but not necessarily higher crime.  Closer in it seems to depend on proximity to certain high traffic commercial areas that attract criminal activity and nearby apartments where tenants are not screened as well and security/visiting rules enforced.   

I have properties in that value range in 3 areas (previously 4) around town - mostly outside the Beltway. Not high crime, but still hard to find qualified tenants sometimes.  Screen carefully.  

I don't think that I would even look for a home at that price inside the beltway unless I steal was brought to me.  Usually the tale is the schools zoning. 

Screen the dickens out of them.

Most of my rental properties are under $150k, not in high crime area if rent is $1200 to $1500/month..... just need to make sure tenant has good rental history before renting to them.  

I have people lie, created fake lease, fake rent receipts, fake landlord names/numbers so just screen well but no, it's not in high crime area at all.