Headed to Houston Texas!

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Hey everyone!

I was originally active in the forums learning and meeting people but, again, my name's Tochi and I've officially confirmed that I'll be in Houston for my residency!! Can't wait to start chatting and meeting all of you. Right now, Im looking to get a MFH to househack. I have a couple of friends who will be moving to Houston with me so, ideally, I'd like to get a good property before June and rent it out to them. Still, I think it makes more sense to live at home, stack some money and maybe buy a property next year or later this year. If any of you know any great agents that have some experience with investors please let me know!

- Tochi Ajiwe

Welcome Tochi!

Houston has been good to me - great place for job and real estate opportunities. 

I also started with a house-hack when I moved to Houston. It helps build a strong financial position when starting in real estate. 

DM me and I'll send you an agent that works well with investor buyers. 

All the best!