Seasoned Investor Seeking Advice for Entering San Antonio Market

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Hi Bigger Pockets SA -

I've done 1,000 1-4 unit flips over the past 15 years in Austin and am opening an office in San Antonio in coming months. We're going to be doing both turn fix and flip and assembling a large portfolio of 1-4 unit properties in a REIT / Fund style vehicle.

I'm looking to make connections with investors, Realtors, and wholesalers locally who I might be able to partner with and certainly learn more about the market.

Thank You.

Hi, Robert. I'm a realtor, me and my husband just started fix and flip in Austin. We would love to get connected with experienced investors. 

Robert, welcome to the SA market!

I am an agent with an experienced firm which specializes in buying/selling distressed homes here in town. If you have time for a quick chat this week, I would love to talk more about what we offer and how we could be fit to do some business together.
Thanks, Luke

@Robert Grunnah my partner @John Barr who is a realtor and I focus on investment properties here in San Antonio. If you need anything feel free to reach out.

You still live in NY?

@Robert Grunnah

I qualify for all three of what you are looking for. I have been in the industry here in San Antonio since 2014. I am currently licensed, have wholesaled 50 or so properties, mostly buy and hold, own a couple rentals, and fix and flipped properties as well.

My partner @Jonatan Barbera handles more of the incoming leads for investment properties while I handle more of the backend sales side. Some requiring a license some not.

I am not sure of your knowledge base here in San Antonio but I put out a market report every month and also have a breakdown of our zipcodes based on the type of properties that you are most likely to find. I would be more than happy to send you both if you would like.

I would connect with @Sterling Williams for the multi family properties, he's actively marketing for them every day and has sourced a lot for my buyers this year. 

@John Barr Would love to receive said reports! Starting my research on the San Antonio mkt. We are buy and hold multifamily investors.

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